ASR-10SS Solid-State Primary Surveillance Radar

Raytheon's solid-state S-Band primary surveillance radar satisfies all current ICAO and Eurocontrol surveillance requirements. Meets the rigorous requirements of the US FAA/DoD ASR-11 next-generation radar; selected for the US DASR program. Raytheon all-solid-state PSRs: selected by over 15 countries for over 75 sites around the world.

ncs_terminalRaytheon's ASR-10SS Mk2 S-Band primary surveillance radar is the world's most flexible, modern and cost-effective solution for your ATC needs. The ASR-10SS Mk2 offers easy expandability and can be adapted to handle high, medium or low traffic volumes for both approach/departure, and extended terminal airspace coverage.


It is designed for unattended operation, using redundant subsystems with Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) and can be fully controlled and monitored from multiple locations. The ASR-10SS Mk2 has an unsurpassed intuitive operator interface for control and monitoring with a very low life cycle cost. Extensive sub-system commonality with ASR-23SS L-Band Primary Surveillance Radar, providing logistical cost-saving benefits.

Highly modular and readily re-configurable. All LRU's replaceable from front – no RF or DC cables to disconnect. Suitable for Civil or Military ATC applications.