Two views and one of a kind

Innovative rifle sight allows forces to take on threats close or far

Soldier using ELCAN rifle sight in the field.

The ELCAN Specter DR 1-4x sight (pictured) provides machine gun operators close quarter and precision fire capability, and the ELCAN Specter DR 1.5-6x sight offers users enhanced views to locate the target and suppress it with long-range precision fire.

When he was a U.S. Army Ranger deployed to Afghanistan, Dan Pettry’s average day took him from wide-open terrain into the tight, almost claustrophobic streets of small villages.

These extreme in-mission requirements created a dangerous dilemma, forcing troops to choose rifle setups for defeating targets that were close in or far out, but not both at once.

“That isn’t ideal, because you never know what the day is going to bring,” said Pettry, now a product manager for Raytheon ELCAN Rifle Sights. “Very often, missions don’t turn out how you plan. That’s why having two weapons with two different sights isn’t the best scenario.”

The U.S. military’s Special Operations Command asked industry to help solve this capability gap, and the result was the ELCAN Specter? DR 1-4x, a rugged, dual-field-of-view combat sight that provides both the 4x magnification necessary for long-range targeting and the 1x magnification needed for short-range, rapid aiming.

The sight has an easy-to-use lever that allows a shooter to switch instantly from 1x to 4x magnification without having to fine-tune or adjust focus for either setting.

The company has unveiled updates to its ELCAN Specter DR 1-4x and 1.5-6x dual role weapon sights, as well as the ELCAN Specter OS 4x fixed magnification sight. The latest round of changes incorporates a new and improved, low profile illumination switch.

The new ELCAN Specter dual role and fixed magnification sights now weigh up to 15 percent less, and use a battery that lasts 50 percent longer.

“The Specter sighting system is transformative as a force multiplier,” said Ricky Freeman, vice president of Raytheon ELCAN U.S. Business Development and Sales and a former officer in the U.S. Marines. “It significantly increases individual and small unit effectiveness in close quarters, military operations in urban terrain and long-range engagements.”

The system’s crystal-clear optics, durability, reliable performance and extended eye relief make it popular within the special operations community.

While some sighting systems were developed for commercial use and later adapted to military operations, the ELCAN Specter sighting systems were designed with combat operations as the primary consideration, according to Freeman. The design includes a sealed, hardened optical housing that delivers rugged, reliable performance in unpredictable, adverse mission conditions.

“The quality, durability and performance of our sights in the most hostile environments is above reproach,” said Freeman. “The demand for ELCAN Specter sights remains strong globally, and that is a true testament to their quality, effectiveness and ruggedness in theater.”

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Published On: 12/01/2015
Last Updated: 05/24/2018